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Arborist’s trolleys

Although arborist work is mainly associated with performing complex tasks in the tree crowns, related to tree care or felling, it's worth noting that the work of such a specialist doesn't end when they get to the ground. In fact, they frequently have to collect the remains of the tree or transport larger pieces of wood. This is why PROTEKT offers special arborist's trolleys that are designed to make transport easier, even in demanding forest conditions.

Arborist’s trolleys offered by PROTEKT


Trolleys used for arborist work on the ground in the forest or in gardens should be characterized not only by high load capacity or solidity and durability of materials used, but also by easy navigation. This is particularly important in places with irregular surfaces, such as forests or meadows, but also in gardens when you're working at home. In the offer of our store you can find many models, including arborist's trolleys with load capacity of up to 500 kg


As you may know, a large load capacity means that you'll be able to transport equipment and materials much quicker. It's important to mention that despite such a large load capacity, our trolleys are relatively easy to drive and equipped with two wheels that guarantee excellent navigation, and additional support that allows you to safely transport everything you need.


Multifunctional arborist's trolleys


PROTEKT offers multifunctional arborist's trolleys for:


  • transporting wood - they have extendable shaft and chassis, that make it possible to transport big pieces of wood (without sacrificing the stability of the trolley);
  • transporting smaller elements in a specially designed basket with a removable bag - it enables transporting smaller arborist waste, such as branches, or larger elements, such as logs after sectional felling.