Tool straps

Performing arborist work requires the use of numerous hand tools, ranging from lightweight to heavier ones, such as chainsaws. Being able to easily access the equipment, and protect it against falling is the key for arborists. The likelihood of accidents occurring while working at heights is relatively high. While safety helmets help to protect workers from falling objects, the use of special tool straps is necessary to ensure full safety of employees. Apart from preventing tools from falling, the straps make it easier to use them.

Arborist tool straps offered by PROTEKT


Regardless of the level of difficulty of works performed at heights, it's extremely important to properly protect the tools and equipment from falling. It's crucial to ensure safety of both employees working at heights, and those passing-by. offers a range of very durable tool straps for arborists that meet the safety requirements. In our offer you can find straps with different endings, which are used to secure tools of different type and weight. These are tool straps with:


  • convenient inverted loops;
  • open inverted loops;
  • a polyester elastic strap on the one side, and with:
    • a loop;
    • or a steel snap hook with 10 mm or 7 mm opening (stainless steel snap hook version is also available in our offer) on the other side.


Durability of tool straps


The arborist tool straps supplied by PROTEKT are made from robust and strong yellow colored polyester. They are 25 mm wide and 1.3 m long. Straps are capable of carrying loads of up to 4-5 kg, with a static strength of 5-6 kN (depending on the type).