Arborist work involves numerous tasks that are more or less complex. Therefore, specialists working at heights need equipment, which will not only protect them during work, but will also facilitate performing the tasks at heights. Apart from personal protective equipment or working tools, every employee working at heights needs specialist arborist accessories that streamline work regardless of the difficulty level.

Arborist accessories offered by PROTEKT


As an experienced manufacturer of equipment and safety systems for specialists working at heights, PROTEKT offers a wide range of high quality TreeUP arborist accessories. In our range, professional arborists can find products such as:


  • Line throwing weights - used for placing ropes in areas of difficult access or belaying points (similar to anchors). They come in the form of handy sacks with reinforced construction and weighted filling;
  • Wooden wedges - used to release the runner of a power saw as well as wooden wedges for splitting wood;
  • Toolholders - attached to harnesses, providing the possibility to safely fix additional tools;
  • Polyamide and fiberglass toolholders;
  • Rigging plates that have a wide variety of applications;
  • Chest ascenders used to climb up or down a rope.


Other arborist accessories


When talking about arborist accessories designed to facilitate performing works at heights, it's worth mentioning smaller ones used together with ropes, such as: rings, splicing rings, swivels or transport pulleys, also for horizontal transport. Durability and safety are features that distinguish individual accessories supplied by PROTEKT. Moreover, our products are usually available in colors that increase their visibility.