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Tree climbing spikes

Tree climbing spikes can undoubtedly be listed among the most important pieces of equipment that allow arborists to work safely. These products significantly facilitate climbing trees that are hard to access. Protekt offers both aluminium and steel models.

Discover our wide range of steel and aluminium tree climbing spikes


It’s worth keeping in mind that this type of accessory is frequently used not only by arborists, but also firemen and loggers. Calf cushions are extremely noteworthy elements of steel and aluminium tree climbing spikes. Once they’re attached, they adhere to the arborist’s leg and significantly improve the comfort. We strive to ensure that our product parts are made of a combination of felt and natural leather which don’t irritate the skin. Additionally, the calf cushion is adjustable, therefore, it can be tailored to individual user's preferences.


Choose specialist spare parts for tree climbing spikes


We do our best to ensure that the offered product range includes a quality collection of spare parts for steel and aluminum tree climbing spikes. Our customers can purchase lower and upper textile straps, spike protection covers, spare calf cushions, connecting straps, attachment rings and sleeves. Spikes are one of the most important elements available in both short and long variants. With their use, workers can attach themselves to the tree and take steps. Unsurprisingly, these components need to be replaced the most frequently as they wear out relatively fast. Each aluminium and steel tree climbing spike offered by Protekt meets the PN-E-55000 standard. Check out our range of equipment for arborists and benefit from available safety harnesses, tool straps, lifting and lowering devices or arborist’s trolleys. Contact us in case of any questions. Enjoy your shopping!