Equipment for ArboristsWork positioning device

Work positioning device

Due to its nature, arborist work requires specialized equipment and accessories. It's crucial not only to protect workers from falls, but also to ensure that the equipment is suitable for working in the tree crowns. Work positioning devices and other similar products that ensure a stable position of the worker are one of the elements of individual protection. Moreover, thanks to shared features, some devices may also be used for work at heights performed on poles or lattice structures.

Work positioning devices offered by PROTEKT


The store offers specialist equipment and systems ensuring safety of work performed at heights. Work positioning devices in our range are primarily designed to prevent employees from falls without damaging tree crowns. This equipment guarantees that arborists can have a stable position while performing various activities requiring the use of both hands. Among the work positioning devices and systems offered by PROTEKT you can find:


  • certified, EN 358 compliant work positioning devices;
  • positioning straps ending with rings of different diameters, with a rigid strap limiting unwanted movement;
  • anchor points with adjustable buckles;
  • work positioning loopie slings;
  • arborist belts.


Intended application


All arborist work positioning devices offered by PROTEKT are available in various lengths, so they can be conveniently adjusted to the circumference of branches or poles. They are made of durable polyester with steel and aluminum ring elements. Work positioning devices are useful for all kinds of trimming, pruning, and maintenance work.