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Safety harness

Any activities performed at heights require proper fall protection. Arborist work is a special type of work at heights which is performed in the crown of trees. Regardless of the task assigned, whether it's crown cutting, or protection against damage, arborists need equipment which not only protects them against falling, but also ensures proper freedom and comfort of movement. PROTEKT provides users with certified safety arborist harnesses which meet the safety and comfort standards.

Safety harnesses for arborists


The PROTEKT company, specializing in the production of equipment and systems ensuring safety at work, has created specialized safety harnesses for arborists, which protect them during performing duties at heights. Products available on website have elastic straps and:


  • two anchor points at the front and back to secure the worker in two ways;
  • a metal buckle as a front attachment point;
  • a work positioning belt with symmetrical attachment points on the sides;
  • a lower and upper harness connector at chest level.


For maximum protection, safety harnesses have comfortable thigh and hip harnesses, and elastic straps. The product is approved for work in explosion hazardous zones.


PROTEKT arborist harnesses


Specialized safety harnesses which protect arborists performing any activities at heights, meet the rigorous EN 361:2002, EN 358:1999 and EN 813:2008 safety standards and are certified in accordance with EU requirements. Polyester straps and buckles made of galvanized steel, clips, adjusters, as well as the hooks, provide an adequate level of protection. To ensure comfort of users, safety harnesses for arborists from PROTEKT are available in three sizes: S, M-XL and XXL, and are suitable for loads up to 140 kg.


Our offer also includes climbing spikes and pole climbers.