Any type of arborist work, from tree care to vertical transport associated with lowering or lifting of tree parts, requires proper protection of the employees, equipment, and trees. For this reason, it's necessary to use robust ropes that are constructed and manufactured in a way that ensures not only adequate parameters for maximum load, but also durability, abrasion resistance and flexible operation with snaps or arborists pulleys.

Arborist ropes offered by PROTEKT


PROTEKT delivers high quality, and certified arborist ropes that meet rigorous strength standards, and are also suitable for climbing. As specialists dealing with equipment and systems securing work at heights, we provide users with the following types of ropes:


  • stationery ropes - with diameter from 10 to 13.5mm, minimum static strength 22kN and from 29.3 to even 32.8kN. These ropes have a polyamide, or polyester core. Thanks to their construction and diameter, they're resistant to damage. They'll come in handy during tree maintenance works;
  • work ropes - e.g. 20mm polyester rope with breaking strength up to 12 kN;
  • cargo ropes - with diameter from 16 to 18 mm, polyester with folded braid. Intended for transportation purposes only. Static strength min. 37kN.


The climbing/arborist ropes available in our offer come in bright colors to improve their visibility in the tree crowns.


Arborist ropes and additional accessories


Additional arborist accessories are an indispensable element of equipment for arborist work. They're mainly used to protect ropes against abrasion or other mechanical damage. Such accessories include protective sleeves made of leather and reinforced PVC, or specialized splicing kits.