Equipment for ArboristsLifting and lowering device

Lifting and lowering device

Arborists frequently work at heights to perform maintenance tasks in the tree crowns or do sectional felling of trees. Therefore, these employees need lifting and lowering devices that will allow them to safely transport the equipment. PROTEKT offers the specialist TreeUP series that includes arborist products and devices for lowering tree parts, and lifting devices for arborists.

Lifting and lowering devices for arborists


As a manufacturer of safety equipment and systems for working at height, PROTEKT offers lifting and lowering devices with a port-a-wrap design that makes it possible to lower tree branches or trunks in a controlled and effortless manner. By tying the main rope around the pipe of the PROTEKT port-a-wrap devices, the worker minimizes the force necessary to hold the tree parts, at the same time controlling the speed of lowering. There are several devices for lowering trees in our offer. Depending on the model, they're characterized by:


  • durability - made of galvanized or stainless steel;
  • compact dimensions and relatively low weight - 1.92-7.3kg;
  • minimum breaking load - 50 or 150kN;
  • permissible working load - 0 or 30 kN;
  • working rope with diameter of 10-14mm or 10-20mm;
  • maximum tree diameter - from 1.2m (for AX 500 belt).


Lifting devices for arborists


PROTEKT is a supplier of specialist lifting and lowering devices for arborists such as a durable manual winch attached to the tree trunk. This equipment protects the bark against damage, and enables precise and safe vertical transport of tree parts, using special runners. The equipment is characterized by a high maximum working load (13kN) and a minimum breaking force (65kN).


In our offer you can find also climbing spikes and full body harnesses.