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Warning waistcoat

One of the most important safety requirements when performing arborist work is to ensure that workers have adequate visibility. While carrying out various tasks in the tree crowns, arborists should have eye-catching, brightly colored clothing. In addition, they should also have reflective stripes to increase visibility in dense forest and harsher weather conditions. Warning waistcoats are special pieces of equipment supplied by PROTEKT. They are comfortable and increase the level of work safety.

Warning waistcoats offered by PROTEKT


As specialists in the production of equipment and systems ensuring protection of employees working at heights, we offer professional reflective warning waistcoats. Their design provides workers with the right level of visibility, even in difficult forest conditions. Apart from that, it ensures full comfort of use, which is particularly important when performing works requiring great mobility. At the store you can find:


  • full warning waistcoats with reflective stripes on the waist, chest, and shoulder level - made of 85% polyester and 15% cotton;
  • reflective warning waistcoats that have harnesses at the back and are fastened at the waist. This construction ensures full ventilation, and makes it possible to wear the waistcoat over any type of outer clothing. All elements have reflective stripes, and are made of polyester.


Increase your visibility with warning waistcoats


The very light weight (from 300 to 600 g) is the basic feature of the warning waistcoats supplied by PROTEKT. They are available in two sizes. Thanks to it, they can be easily adjusted to the worker's figure. All warning waistcoats come in several bright color versions, although in our offer you can also find black models with reflective stripes.


Our offer also include safety helmets and transport bags.