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Equipment covers bags

Equipment cover bags are one of the basic elements useful during both long and short-distance transport of equipment. PROTEKT, a Polish manufacturer of equipment and systems for safe work, provides users with durable and solid equipment cover bags available in various sizes, which enable safe transportation of different types of accessories and tools, from fire-fighting hoses to telescopic rods up to 237 cm long. Appropriate bag covers should not only enable comfortable transport of equipment, but also protect the contents against damage or changing weather conditions.

Equipment cover bags by PROTEKT


In the store you can find, among other things, the following types of equipment cover bags:


  • 1800 mm long, capacity 75 l, with Velcro closure;
  • 1150 mm long, capacity 25 l, with a zip fastening;
  • 1400 mm long, capacity 20 l, with zip closure and additional bottom reinforcement on both ends of the bag;
  • for transporting stainless steel cranes of various sizes from 600 x1500 mm to 1200 x 2000 mm, waterproof
  • for transporting insulating telescopic rods up to 2370 mm long, with snap fasteners;
  • round fire hose bags with additional straps;
  • fire hose covers with buckles.


Durability of equipment cover bags and comfort of their users


Equipment cover bags offered by PROTEKT are made of reinforced PVC, which protects the load. As a result they are also very durable and can be used for a long time. Most bags are available in 3 different color versions, including bright shades which make them easily noticeable during the transport and in the work area.