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Retractable tool lanyards

Working at height requires the right equipment to ensure maximum safety of both workers and others in the immediate surrounding. To achieve satisfactory results, it's possible to use fall protection systems and extra accessories that not only protect employees, but also make the demanding work at height easier. Retractable tool lanyards are one of the elements whose main purpose is to allow workers to transport additional tools, and attach them in a way that prevents them against falling and enables efficient and effective work.  

Retractable tool lanyards


Retractable tool lanyards are special types of tools that allow easy access to lightweight tools weighing no more than 2 kg. Once attached to the belt or harness, the worker uses an appropriate tool and attaches it to a special carabiner with a swivel to facilitate movement. The retractable tool’s mechanism prevents the tool from falling and makes it easy to transport it into the operator’s hands. PROTEKT - a Polish manufacturer of equipment and systems for work safety - provides retractable tool lanyards:


  • attached to the waist, with a cord with or without an adjustable clip;
  • attached to the wrist (with Velcro strap) with cord lock.


Strength and safety of the lanyards


Retractable tool lanyards offered by PROTEKT provide the desired level of fall protection for light tools such as spanners and hammers. The maximum load of the lanyards is 2 kg, which has been tested in accordance with ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 standards. The 115 cm long polyester lanyard has a static strength of 35 daN. This guarantees that (when used correctly) both workers and their surroundings are fully protected against falling tools when working at height.