Transport bags

Regardless of the nature and type of performed work, your everyday duties involve transport of various items. These may be hand tools and accessories, specialized equipment, power tools, as well as other products that require adequate protection when being moved. That’s why, you should benefit from specially designed transport bags that guarantee comfort of transport and appropriate protection of objects used in daily work.

Types and features of transport bags offered by Protekt


Protekt offers high quality transport bags for various applications, including:


  • tree climbing bags - the ergonomic shape and form of this one-compartment bag with buckles ensures comfortable and safe transport of tree climbing equipment;
  • tool bags - multi-compartment bags with Velcro tabs allow you to safely transport tools and easily access them during work;
  • shoulder transport bags with a capacity of 10 l - single-compartment, used for carrying smaller items;
  • transport bags with a capacity of 50 l - available in various variants, depending on the type and shape of the transported items, with a zipper and two types of handles for improved convenience.


Transport bags - top quality workmanship


The use of high quality materials that ensure durability is the key to success when it comes to transport bags. Thus, individual models are made of synthetic technical fabrics, durable polyester or PVC. To guarantee full comfort of use, selected transport bags come with soft padding, reinforced bottom or adjustable straps. Transport bags offered by Protekt are available in various color versions, including bright shades that guarantee greater visibility.