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Tool and transport bucket

Various service, assembly or maintenance works, especially those performed at height, require special equipment such as tool and transport buckets, thanks to which workers can safely carry all the necessary elements. When talking about these elements, it's crucial to mention both the quality of workmanship and safe construction which are necessary to protect equipment against falling. Moreover, these products should be convenient to use, ensuring easy access to the necessary tools.

Tool and transport buckets by PROTEKT


The store offers the following types of tool and transport buckets for specialists working at height who need many tools:


  • arborist buckets made of reinforced PVC, single-chamber with reinforced bottom and welt, with a capacity of 15 and 30 l, equipped with three different systems (which allows transportation even on the back) and special additional external handles for tools,
  • black plastic arborist buckets, offering 30, 50 and 80 l capacity, with shoulder, horizontal or vertical carrying handles,
  • professional tool buckets with numerous pockets to facilitate the storage of many tools, available in two sizes,
  • simple tool buckets offering 14 or 21 l capacity,
  • small and light 10 l cotton canvas baskets,
  • large tool buckets with additional 25 l pockets, available in three fabric versions, maximum load capacity of up to 50 kg.


Tool and transport buckets - durability and design


Tool and transport buckets offered by PROTEKT stand out thanks to the remarkable workmanship and the use of extremely durable and damage-resistant materials, such as reinforced PWC, polyester, plastics or synthetic technical fabrics. Most products are available in bright colors that additionally increase the visibility of the employee even in demanding weather conditions.