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Transport backpacks

Work performed at height, including arborist tasks, necessitates use of advanced equipment that will not only protect the user but also guarantee proper preparation for work. Transport backpacks are one of vital pieces of equipment that enable convenient transportation of tools and objects during work. Backpacks manufactured by Protekt, a Polish company, are a perfect recipe for protecting both equipment and employees.

Qualities of transport backpacks by Protekt


Transport backpacks, including highly specialized arborist backpacks, or backpacks used for carrying tree climbing equipment, have a number of features which prove their top quality and comfort of use. The most important qualities include:


  • material used for the main transport chamber: reinforced PVC - protects against objects with sharp elements or edges;
  • wide opening - makes it possible to comfortably and quickly insert or take out items;
  • welt and flap closed with buckles, zipper or by rolling - double protection of transported goods;
  • adjustable shoulder straps made of polyamide - ensure ergonomic transport;
  • padding on the back - for comfort and safety of use.


Use of transport backpacks


Protekt, a company that specializes in manufacturing both light and professional transport backpacks, provides users with a range of backpack capacity options from 30, 35, 40, 45 to 60 and 80 liters. Moreover, bright colors ensure high visibility in forests or difficult mountain conditions. Various models have been complemented with extra functionalities such as: pockets for transporting power saws, external pockets, waist belts or even the possibility to divide chambers.