Tool holders

Tool holders are specially designed additional pieces of equipment that are attached to belts, harnesses or suspenders and can be used as extra accessories to handle or store tools necessary for various types of tasks, including work at height. Applied solutions guarantee that users maintain the proper ergonomic use of the holders, while ensuring convenient access to various tools and objects. Consequently, suitable application of tool holders gives an additional level of safety by providing a stable position of tools.

The most relevant qualities of Protekt tool holders


Durability and quality are two basic features determining effectiveness of tool holders. In case of components manufactured by Protekt, durable polyester, stainless steel and, in some cases, leather or fiberglass elements, are used to produce the holders. The additional use of strong Velcro fasteners ensures the stability of attached tools or other objects. Regardless of the attachment method, tool holders fully prevent the equipment from falling out. Thanks to solutions offered by Protekt, it's possible to store and transport basic tools as well as:


  • screwdrivers and similar equipment;
  • measuring tapes;
  • and even telephones, which is extremely important when it comes to helping the employee to stay in touch with his or her co-workers.


Tool holders - additional information


It's important to note that tool holders aren't pieces of personal protective equipment and should only be used in accordance with their intended application, especially in terms of possible maximum working load. Depending on the purpose and type, tool holders are capable of handling from 2 to 5 kg of load, and up to 10 kg with an auxiliary hook.