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Tool bags and belts

Virtually all work performed at heights requires the use of hand tools that are frequently heavy. As you can guess, such work means that the tools can fall, therefore, it's necessary to use additional protection for the objects held. Belts and tool bags that facilitate the transport of tools, and protect them from falling from heights are one of the basic elements of equipment available in our offer. PROTEKT provides top quality equipment for working at heights.

Tool bags offered by PROTEKT


As a market leader in devices and systems that ensure work safety, we provide a range of solutions for organizing work at height. In our range you can find a wide range of products such as safe and comfortable bags and tool belts ideal for operators. Among the products offered by PROTEKT, you can find:


  • belt-mounted tool bags, also in a version that enables you to easily see what's inside. External attachments for individual hand tools are additional benefits of this product;
  • traditional tool bags made of PVC, a durable technical fabric;
  • transport bags with shoulder strap, which increases the convenience of transport and use;
  • transport bags with a capacity of up to 300 kg;
  • tool organizers with a basket;
  • a vest that is a form of tool belt, made of breathable material with reflective strips and numerous pockets.


Workmanship and safety


The tool belts and bags available in our offer are made of reinforced PVC, which not only protects the transported tools, but also ensures that the products will serve you for a long time. The offered bags and belts are available not only in different capacity options, but also in various colors, which further increase the visibility of the user.