Transport sacks

Elements supporting workers during work at heights include not only accessories protecting against falls and other types of injuries, but also all additional transport equipment. Thanks to the use of specially reinforced bags or transport sacks, employees have access to durable and convenient equipment that can be used when performing the most demanding duties.

Transport sacks offered by PROTEKT


Among the transport sacks available in the store you can find:


  • classic transport sacks - light models, available in various capacity options - from 16 to even 80 liters. They have welts and zippers;
  • specialized transport sacks - with maximum load up to 300 kg and capacity of 45 or 150 liters;
  • sacks for transporting ropes;
  • Dry bags with ABS snaps.


All transport sacks come in a wide range of bright colors to provide users with the right level of visibility, even from a distance.


Durable materials and multiple applications


Transport sacks offered by PROTEKT are made of reinforced PVC, which makes them very resistant to external damage and abrasion, as well as possible damage caused by the load itself. Light plastic buckles ensure comfortable and safe transport. Additionally, these pieces have adjustable shoulder straps and wide openings that make them even more functional.