Any highly specialized work, especially tasks performed at heights, require the use of various tools - from simple to expert ones that come in handy in difficult conditions. Often such tools require special protection during transport, both due to their weight and dimensions. For this purpose, specialists use toolboxes whose durable construction makes it possible to protect the equipment during transport and storage. Such professional storage products can be found in the offer of PROTEKT.

Multifunctional toolboxes offered by PROTEKT


As a manufacturer of equipment and systems for work safety, we also provide toolboxes which can be used for storage of equipment. In our store you can find lightweight and sturdy toolboxes for transporting self-locking devices for vertical work or storing equipment like safety harnesses for work at heights. Thanks to the robust construction, stored tools can be safely and conveniently carried and transported in service vehicles. It's worth noting that the toolboxes available in our offer are multi-functional and can be used to transport other tools.


Toolboxes - top workmanship quality and available options


The toolboxes offered in the are available in a universal black color. They are made of highly durable polypropylene. They are closed with durable plastic snaps, available in two colors: red and yellow, which makes them more visible. In our offer you can also find a toolbox with a soft lining inside, which will additionally protect tools in transport.