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Steel tool lanyards

Working at height requires not only the right physical preparation, but also the right protection against falling. Elements like helmets or harnesses are basic personal protective equipment. However, when preparing for the work it's also crucial to remember about  quality accessories that make the work easier by facilitating access to tools. Steel tool lanyards play such a role, additionally securing tools during assembly work.

Steel tool lanyards


PROTEKT, a Polish manufacturer of work safety equipment, provides users with steel tool lanyards that protect light hand tools weighing up to 2 kg (all kinds of spanners and small hammers) against falling. The products available in the store include:


  • A steel tool lanyard ended with snap hooks on both sides, 63 cm long with a maximum extension of 150 cm. Available in 5 variants with different opening diameters of the steel snap hook from 7 mm to 14 mm;
  • A steel tool lanyard with fixed length of 115 cm, ending with loops on both sides;
  • Additional elements such as the lightweight 30 cm long galvanised steel cable clip with plastic coating.


The steel tool lanyards come with a special jacket which additionally protects the worker from injury in case of a sudden fall of the attached tool.


Workmanship and durability


Proper use of steel tool lanyards fully prevents light tools from falling, which additionally protects all people in the immediate vicinity of the worker. The maximum cable load of 2 kg, achieved thanks to the use of galvanised steel, makes the product suitable for attaching most hand tools. This feature is extremely important when working at height. Easy two-way installation enables convenient use of the equipment.