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Work positioning belts and devices

Work positioning belts and devices are extremely convenient accessories. The possibility of tailoring them to the user's needs is the greatest asset - they come with special buckles which enable adjusting the accessory ideally to the body shape. Additionally, extra cushions in hip and thigh belts make them more comfortable. Work positioning belts are equipped with anchor buckles and points for working in a raised position.

What devices for work positioning do we offer?


In our offer you can find a wide range of work positioning belts and devices. Choosing the appropriate variants facilitates work, therefore, our models are available in sizes S, M-XL and XXL.


All our work positioning belts and devices are renowned for their reliability and high quality. Using previously tested fabrics and materials ensure that they will serve you for years. It’s worth remembering that there is no maximal expiration date. However, the devices should undergo a factory service after the first 5 years of use.


The level of achieved safety is determined by the correct application of positioning belts. Apart from fitting the body, they also need to be symmetrical. Note that work positioning belts and devices mustn’t replace safety harnesses as they don’t protect against falls.


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