Full body harness

Safety harnesses are one of the primary elements of personal protective equipment for those working at heights. These are specially designed components that protect a person from falling and guarantee freedom of movement so that s/he can effectively perform duties. The most important features of harnesses include durability, resistance to damage, comfort of use and possibility of application in the most demanding working conditions. Such quality solutions can be found in the offer prepared by Protekt - a company that gives you access to equipment adjusted to job specifications.

Safety harnesses offered by Protekt — available variants


The harnesses available in the Protekt offer can be divided into several basic product groups:


  • classic harnesses — this is a large group of harnesses varying in size, strap materials and buckle design; there are, for example, harnesses with a hip belt, ideal for work positioning or rescue harnesses,
  • Hi Vision harnesses — characterized by bright, reflective stripes and markers, they make the wearer more visible
  • harnesses resistant to high temperatures — designed for work in potentially explosive areas, they are resistant to fire as per EN 358 P.4.1.5. These products are made of special aramid threads,
  • safety harnesses with vests — these are polyester vest harnesses, available in various sizes and two bright colours: orange or yellow. They are extremely comfortable for the user and improve the visibility of the wearer.


Quality and safety guaranteed by safety harnesses


Regardless of the type and purpose of the harnesses, our products come with EU declarations of conformity as required by Regulation (EU) 2016/425 of the European Parliament and the Council. They also meet the EN 361:2002, EN 358:1999, 1497:2007 standards. Their safety was tested dynamically with a 140 kg load.