Personal protective equipmentGround tents, screens and safety barriers

Ground tents, screens and safety barriers

In our offer you can find adjustable safety screens, forensic tents and barriers. These accessories are used not only by rescue services but also by fire brigades, police, technical services and many, many others.

In most cases, adjustable safety screens come in handy at accident scenes. They are used to facilitate the work of rescuers and protect the area from curious passers-by. The possibility of setting them up just in a few moments is their greatest advantage.


On the other hand, safety tents are frequently chosen by municipal services or contractors. As the name itself suggests, they are dedicated to protect workers from harsh weather conditions. These accessories work perfectly in situations when it’s necessary to repair a manhole but weather conditions aren’t satisfactory enough to do it.


And last but not least, safety barriers are ideal whenever you need to warn, protect and fence off work sites. Usually, they are applied when conducting work near sewage and telecommunication manholes.


What else can you find in our offer?


Apart from the abovementioned accessories, our store offers:

  • expandable barriers,
  • posts for fencing and marking out areas on roofs,
  • safety nets
  • and many others.


All mentioned elements are renowned for their top-notch quality and durability. The ease of application is another advantage that makes them stand out from the crowd - they don’t require any special expertise, equipment or skills. It takes only a few moments to set them up in the preferred location.


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