Personal protective equipmentWork ropes and work positioning lanyards

Work ropes and work positioning lanyards

Work ropes and work positioning lanyards are one of the most important elements of personal protective equipment. Performing a certain type of work or securing an employee e.g. during work at heights, requires appropriately strong and durable lanyards. Sufficiently strong weaves, the quality of materials used and even the EN 1891 Class A standard are only some of the features characterizing ropes provided by PROTEKT - a Polish manufacturer of work safety devices and systems.

Work positioning lanyards


The wide product range of personal protective equipment offered by PROTEKT includes work positioning lanyards that can be easily adapted to the user's needs. They are mainly used during tree maintenance work, where strength, abrasion and damage resistance as well as their flexibility are worth their weight in gold. What's more, these work positioning lanyards are suitable for Spliced Eye (according to EN 1981) which means that the loops can be formed with high strength and breaking load. They are made of polyamide and polyester, which offer desired properties suitable for the work type.


Work ropes


PROTEKT delivers top-quality work ropes, used to transport goods in a safe way. They are available in diameters from 6 to 20 mm, which additionally increases their working range. Polyester strands ensure high durability and work safety.


Available options


Work positioning lanyards can be purchased in running meters, whereas work ropes are available in ready-made length variants. The ropes have distinctive colors which make them more visible when performing tasks. For Spliced Eye, a set of splicing awls is used as an additional accessory.