Personal protective equipmentHeads and working hooks

Heads and working hooks

Working hooks are one of the basic elements of the occupational safety system, where work ropes are used. This applies not only to the transport and lifting of loads, but, above all, to the individual protection of the worker from falls. Full protection is possible thanks to the use of heads and working hooks that are not only durable and robust, but also have a special design adapted to the nature of the work. In the offer prepared by PROTEKT, which is a leading manufacturer of work safety equipment and systems, you can find top-notch working hooks tailored to your needs.

Heads and working hooks by PROTEKT


PROTEKT provides a wide range of heads and working hooks that are necessary for installing working ropes. In our offer you can find:


  • large and small working hooks that are both an element of personal protection for a worker performing work at height and a part of a fall arrest system;
  • screw-in and push-in suspension hooks;
  • rope installers for hanging ropes at heights;
  • UDI heads with the appropriate extensions.


Top quality and workmanship of working hooks


Top quality workmanship and compliance with safety standards are key to the safe use of working hooks and ropes. The products offered by PROTEKT are constructed using stainless and galvanized steel. Depending on your needs, working hooks are available in both insulated and uninsulated versions.