Personal protective equipmentLadders, scaffolds and platforms

Ladders, scaffolds and platforms

For many years, Protekt has been striving to make work at height safer. Therefore, our offer includes a variety of products which protect users against falls and give them the freedom of movement necessary to perform tasks. Ladders, scaffolds and platforms can be mentioned among products that enjoy the greatest popularity.

Find safe ladders, scaffolds and platforms


Each component is equipped with a detailed instruction manual which helps to use it properly. Thanks to the wide range of available models, every customer can select accessories meeting their expectations. Sliding aluminium versions are ideal if the ladder is placed on solid ground. On the other hand, robe models can be attached to a fixed structure, such as the roof of a building, so that the user can move in a vertical direction. We also provide relevant accessories such as handles, which help to secure the ladder in one position and guarantee safety.


Make work at height safer


We do our best to complement the offer with versatile scaffolds and platforms which can be used in construction, shipbuilding and repair works. Models available in the Protekt product range are made of durable materials such as aluminium and fibreglass, thanks to which they are suitable for all weather conditions. It’s worth mentioning that our scaffolds and platforms have wheels that enable fast and easy transport of the entire construction, without disassembling or folding it. Check out our range ideal for specialists working at height. Among the available products, you can find categories such as arborist equipment, permanent anchorage systems or personal protective equipment.