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Lifting and descending devices

Working at height necessitates use of various tools and accessories. Some of them are truly heavy, therefore, employees aren’t always able to take them to the site. As a consequence, their transport is done with the help of ropes, lifting and descending devices. Even though workers have limited contact with transported loads, there is always a risk that something will break and injure them. For this reason, individual components of such systems ought to be in line with specified standards which guarantee their durability.

Pulleys for transporting loads


Protekt supplies companies with technical solutions that are intended to improve safety of rescue workers and employees performing various tasks. This product category includes lifting and descending devices such as items for transporting mortar containers or rescue equipment. Thanks to pulleys and multi-pulleys with different designs and parameters it’s possible to safely lift loads while renovating chimneys or insulating high buildings.


Lifting and descending devices come in various dimensions which means they can be adjusted to specific workplaces and types of moved loads. In our store you can find pulleys in different sizes, with and without automotive brake systems, holes, pin and screw locks. Our product range includes top, hook, double, triple, mini and ball pulleys.


Top quality materials and certified products


Lifting and descending devices have to meet certain durability requirements. Products in our offer are made of stainless steel and forged aluminum components. Pulley parameters are highly diverse, therefore, you can precisely tailor the allowable working load or the minimum breaking load to specific conditions. Our company sells construction pulleys for lifting and descending loads manually on polyester ropes. All products in our offer are in line with critical standards.