Retractable type and guided type fall arresters

Retractable type and guided type fall arresters

Safety is one of the key factors when working at heights. An employee hanging on the rope or in the harness is exposed to the risk of falling from a dozen or more meters. In order to guarantee adequate protection and eliminate the risk of accidents resulting from carelessness or equipment failure, it’s recommended to use special retractable type and guided type fall arresters.

Operation of such equipment resembles the functionality of car safety belts. If a worker accidentally slips off the scaffolding, the lock prevents him from falling to the ground and holds him in a hanging position. The offer of the Protekt company includes a wide range of models designed for working both vertically and horizontally. We recommend products made of galvanized steel, with a static strength of 12 kN and various line lengths. Our range includes models with two mechanisms and textile tapes in individual housings.


Ropes and accessories for retractable type and guided type fall arresters


Ropes are an important part of self-locking or self-clamping equipment. They should be appropriately durable and tailored to technical parameters. We recommend special ropes made of galvanized steel that are perfect for roof work. Some of the self-clamping devices are equipped with a 5m polyester rope with a 14 mm diameter.


Our range of fall arrester accessories is complemented with housings made of durable plastics. Safety products designed for work at heights ought to be in line with extremely stringent requirements. All components offered by Protekt meet the necessary standards.