Pole climbers

Work at heights performed by teams of energy and telecommunication services requires appropriate protection against falling. The so-called pole climbers are one of the main pieces of equipment that ensures safety during such activities. Top quality materials are necessary to guarantee appropriate protection of electricians. Safe pole climbers need to comply with the standards.

Types of pole climbers offered by Protekt


Pole climbers need to be adapted to the size and type of pole where specialised work at height is carried out. Protekt offers the following types:


  • pole climbers for wooden poles - made of aluminium (including spikes), a pair weighs approx. 3 kg;
  • adjustable pole climbers for wooden poles - can be smoothly adjusted to fit wooden poles with diameters ranging from 130 to 300 mm;
  • pole climbers for reinforced concrete poles - steel, for various reinforced concrete poles, equipped with rubber rollers, a pair weighs approx. 5 kg;
  • pole climbers for spun poles - steel, enable accessing poles of different diameters, a pair weighs approx. 8 kg.


All pole climbers are powder coated to protect them against corrosion.


Extra equipment


Protekt offers support when it comes to extra equipment that naturally wears out during the use of the poles. The support includes:


  • pole straps made of durable fabric covered with waterproof coating, designed for all types of poles;
  • small and large rollers made of high quality rubber, can be used when working on reinforced concrete poles and spun poles;
  • long spikes which are parts of adjustable pole climbers for wooden poles type B.