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Additional accessories

Regulations on occupational health and safety specify all the necessary rules and requirements for work performed at heights, regardless of its nature or degree of difficulty. Ensuring adequate protection for an employee performing duties at a workstation that is located at height requires the use of certified and standard-compliant personal protection equipment and systems. Apart from basic equipment, it's frequently necessary to use additional protective accessories that can be found in the offer prepared by PROTEKT.

Personal protection accessories by PROTEKT


As a prominent manufacturer of equipment for work at heights, PROTEKT provides a range of personal protection accessories. Such additional protective equipment and accessories include:



Quality and workmanship of protection accessories


The personal protection accessories offered by PROTEKT are manufactured from the highest quality materials, ensuring outstanding safety during the use of personal protection equipment. Professional accessories are required to be solid, durable and resistant so that they can successfully serve employees working at heights, regardless of the type of tasks performed, including arborist, construction, or rescue work.