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Spare parts for tree climbing spikes

The safety of employees carrying out work at height is commonly governed by a series of regulations and standards, through which special protection is afforded both to the workers at height themselves and to other people in the immediate vicinity of the work being carried out. The same goes for arboriculturalwork, for which tree climbing spikes are used to enable safe movement and secure the workstation at height. In order to provide full protection to employees, it is crucial to constantly monitor the level of wear and tear on equipment that is particularly vulnerable to mechanical damage. Spare parts for tree climbing spikes can be found in the range of PROTEKT's products.

Tree climbing spikes— spare parts from PROTEKT


The safety of any work at height requires the use of reliable equipment of proper quality that meets the desired durability requirements. Spare parts require special attention in the case of tree climbing spikes due to the fact that these components can wear out more quicklydue to heavy use in harsh conditions of tree crowns. For this reason, as a market leader in equipment and systems for safety at work at heights, PROTECT provides users with such spare parts for tree climbing spikes as among others:


  • textile top and bottom stripes;
  • calf-covering pads  and calf pads (left and right);
  • reinforcements for pads;
  • sleeves;
  • covers, spike guards;
  • sets of short and long spikes;
  • long and short straps for bottom attachment;
  • Attachment rings.


Spare parts for tree climbing spikes


From the point of view of supervisors of arboricultural workers using tree climbing spikes, the use of proper quality equipment is crucial for individual safety and worksite security. The same is true of the spare parts used for tree climbing spikes. PROTEKT provides access to all interchangeable parts for tree climbing spikes, allowing work crews to properly secure the worksite, even with individual pieces of equipment wearing out relatively quickly.