Kits for work at heights

High quality equipment that meets required inspection standards it’s a must if you want to ensure safety of your employees working at heights. Protekt, a manufacturer of equipment that guarantees safety at work, delivers entire systems such as fall protection kits for those who work at heights. The equipment is dedicated to a specific type of work and includes accessories necessary to secure workers.

Fall protection kits for work at heights


Kits provided by Protekt are comprehensive solutions that are necessary for the given type of work at heights. In the range prepared by you can find general fall protection kits as well as specialist equipment dedicated for specific working conditions like jobs on scaffolding. Kits for work at heights are available in different combinations grouped by the safety level of equipment and systems. This differentiation is important due to the type and difficulty of work at heights, because each employee requires access to solutions that are truly tailored to their needs. Individual fall protection kits for work at heights include:



Protekt kits for work at heights


Protekt offers various fall protection kits for specialists working at heights. In our range you can find series such as:


  • ROLER with improved ROLER 4 and ROLER 5