Equipment for Arborists

Equipment for Arborists

Arborist jobs involve taking care of trees with the help of mountaineering techniques. In real life, it means the necessity to move at impressive heights without stable lifts or ladders. Protekt has prepared a wide range of must-have arborist equipment for such demanding conditions. Apart from making it easier to climb the trees, our offer improves comfort of work and guarantees safer belaying.

Arborist Equipment. What Should It Consist of?


Safety harnesses are the basic element of every arborist’s equipment that guarantee proper belaying even when there is no stable ground. They make it easier to quickly change your position and location thanks to appropriate ropes, pulleys, and pulley blocks. Our offer includes load, work, and position ropes as well as harnesses with elastic bands and seats perfect for work in supported and hanging positions.


Arborist equipment and helpful accessories


The offer of the Protekt company includes a variety of safety equipment for arborists and products facilitating work, such as a harness which allows you to maintain a stable position while performing tasks. We also provide different models of transport sacks, and various accessories such as steel tree climbing spikes or pulleys.


Our collection of equipment for arborists extends beyond the basics to include high-quality climbing gear designed for durability and reliability under strenuous conditions. Each piece of equipment is engineered to meet the highest safety standards, ensuring that arborists can perform their duties efficiently and securely. For example, our climbing ropes are made from premium materials that offer excellent strength and flexibility, crucial for navigating the complex canopy of trees.


Additional arborist equipment such as devices for lifting and lowering workers, telescopic rods that make it easier to use ropes, pulleys, and pulley blocks available in many dimensions (also with hooks) are key components of the professional assortment. Moreover, our offer abounds in warning vests and arborist carts.


Our range of arborists equipment (e.g. throw lines and anchors) offers unparalleled convenience for those looking to streamline their work process. These tools facilitate the placement of ropes in high and difficult-to-reach branches, making the climbing process more efficient and less time-consuming. Our transport baskets and bags come in various sizes, ensuring that arborists can easily carry all necessary equipment and keep it organised and accessible.


Equipment for Arborists. Choose Wisely


Protekt's commitment to quality and safety is evident in every product we offer. Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to arboriculture, our comprehensive selection of arborist equipment is designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. By choosing Protekt, you are investing in equipment that will surely enhance your performance and ensure your safety.