Wide rope ladder

Wide rope ladders are pieces of equipment necessary when working at medium and small heights. They’re characterized by extreme durability, robustness, easy installation and a relatively low weight that enables efficient transport. They come in handy when working in hardly accessible places and their proper use guarantees freedom and safety of movement. Aluminum ladder steps, steel mounts and durable ropes ensure complete reliability of the equipment.

Wide rope ladders by Protekt - benefits and application


The manufacturer of wide rope ladders delivers high quality products with a wide range of applications. Our offer includes ladders such as:


  • rope polyester - with specially manufactured polyester ropes;
  • steel ropes - ropes made of stainless or galvanized steel;
  • roof ropes - indispensable for roofing works;
  • cave ropes - ultralight, designed for cave explorers;
  • "gangway" type ropes - with wide steps, enabling additional horizontal movement;
  • sailing - key features include easy assembly and steps with negative displacement.


Length of the vast majority of available ladders can be tailored to the actual needs of the user. For example, polyester rope ladders range from 2m to even 30 m. Moreover, some of them have variants with various step widths.


Top quality of wide rope ladders by Protekt


The top quality of Protekt ladders is evidenced not only by remarkable materials, but also by quality declarations and certificates confirming compliance with standards. Some of the ladders can even be used in hazardous areas. Working load of wide rope ladders amounts to 140 kg in the case of roof ladders.