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Spare parts for pole climbers

Work performed at heights requires the use of appropriate equipment that not only facilitates the work, but also ensures an adequate level of safety. One of the key pieces of equipment of this kind are poles, thanks to which it's possible to move around poles when electricians are performing work. The design of this equipment means that individual components can wear out over time, so it’s worthwhile to secure the team with spare parts for pole climbers.

Spare parts for pole climbers offered by PROTEKT


PROTEKT, as a leader in the production of safety equipment and systems for work performed at heights, provides a wide range of pole climbers and necessary spare parts for them. Among our products, you can find:


  • rubber rollers for secure grip of equipment (small fixed rollers and large eccentric rollers available);
  • heavy-duty pole climber straps to ensure a solid foothold;
  • long spikes used with adjustable pole climbers.


Top quality workmanship of spare parts for pole climbers


The distinguishing feature of the pole climber spare parts from PROTEKT is the high quality of workmanship, ensuring long-lasting use when performing work at heights. The rollers are made of top-notch rubber, and the straps are constructed using a robust polyester weave. These are the elements most prone to wear and tear through friction, damage and weather conditions, which is why the full equipment of installation crews should also include the necessary spare parts for pole climbers.