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Screwlink carabiner (class Q)

Regardless of the industry, any work performed at heights requires appropriate equipment and systems to ensure an adequate level of employees' safety. The same applies to construction, maintenance, arborist work, or work in sewer manholes when workers are at risk of falling down. Screwlink carabiners are one of the elements that increase safety of workers. Such components can be found in the offer prepared by PROTEKT.

Q-class screwlink carabiners from PROTEKT


As a leader among manufacturers of equipment and entire systems that ensure safety of employees working at heights, PROTEKT offers cutting-edge screwlink carabiners. In our range you can find detachable connectors with screwlink locking nut:


  • 8mm with static strength of 25kN, weight of 84g;
  • 10mm with a static strength of 35kN, weight 133g.


Q-class screwlink carabiners can be used to connect systems used for fall arrest systems. Products offered by PROTEKT are also approved for use in hazardous areas.


Screwlink carabiners and their safety standards


Q class screwlink carabiners offered by PROTEKT are characterized by high quality stainless steel workmanship, which translates into impressive strength parameters. They're certified products that comply with European requirements, and meet the harmonized standard EN 362:2004.