Work positioning devices

Any work at height should be carried out in a way that protects the worker from falls. This is especially important when working on trees, poles or other structures. Work positioning devices offered by PROTEKT are pieces of equipment that guarantee adequate worker protection and safety.

Work positioning devices offered by PROTEKT


Among work positioning devices offered by PROTEKT, you can find many different models to ensure that everyone can select equipment meeting the actual needs of their working conditions. Our range includes devices designed using:


  • polyester ropes with one free end, ending on one of the sides with a latch (and with a length regulator);
  • ropes with a steel core and polyester or polypropylene braid, ending with a loop and a clip (aluminum);


Our work positioning devices are available in different diameters (12-16mm), and lengths (2-20m).


PROTEKT also offers equipment that enables convenient movement along wooden poles thanks to a self-locking mechanism that prevents employees from falling.


Standards and certificates


Regardless of the model, each work positioning device offered by PROTEKT meets the requirements of the harmonized EN 358:2018 standard for work positioning and fall prevention. Moreover, our equipment has special certificates guaranteeing that it’s suitable for loads of up to 140kg.


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