Bump caps

Industrial bump caps are personal protective equipment for individual use. Their application is important for occupational safety during non-demanding activities when the worker is exposed to head injuries caused by hard and immobile obstacles. In such working conditions it is crucial to provide appropriate protection while maintaining full freedom and comfort of movement. PROTEKT, a Polish manufacturer of work safety systems, provides effective solutions that meet all these requirements.

Light bump caps - safety at work


Light bump caps offered by PROTEKT are textile caps, reinforced with a protective material. Although they don't protect sufficiently against falling objects, they can prevent head injuries caused by static, hard obstacles. They meet the EN 812:2002 standard. In order to protect the worker from overheating, our bump caps are also equipped with ventilation holes in the form of polyester mesh or special openings, which facilitate the removal of excess heat generated as a result of physical effort or unfavorable weather conditions. Moreover, light bump caps offered by PROTEKT have special EU declarations of conformity, showing that particular safety standards are met and appropriate certifications have been obtained.


The application of bump caps


Bump caps offered by PROTEKT are available in different colors, thanks to which they can be matched with virtually any work overalls. You can also choose a bump cap in bright shades to additionally increase the visibility of workers. The caps can be tailored to the size of the head (up to 55-62 cm) thanks to adjustment straps placed on the back of the cap. Low weight ensures full comfort of wearing (220-235 g) and a straight visor additionally protects the face.