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Energy absorbers with lanyard for work on scaffolds

Energy absorbers with lanyards for work on scaffolds together with safety absorbers with a safety cord and the safety cord itself form a complete system of individual personal protective equipment. High durability and material strength as well as wide-ranging usability for work in various conditions are key features of such elements. Good quality shock absorbers for scaffold work are necessary for work in hazardous areas to ensure adequate safety in all conditions.

Energy absorbers with lanyard for work on scaffolds by PROTEKT


PROTEKT, a Polish company, which is a leading manufacturer of personal protective systems and equipment, provides highly specialized accessories that can be adapted to individual needs. In the offer prepared by you can find energy absorbers with ABM SCF straps and safety snap hooks for work on scaffolds. These elements can be configured according to individual preferences. Models can be chosen taking into account:


  • lengths (0.9m and 1.5m);
  • snap hook models (detachable or with locking nut);
  • snap hook models at the end (or both ends) of the energy absorber (integrated anchor connector, with "EasyHook Open" gears).


Quality and safety


High quality and material durability are features distinguishing energy absorbers with lanyards for work on scaffolds offered by PROTEKT. To ensure the optimum level of safety the lanyards have been designed with the use of polyester core ropes with the diameter of 10.5 mm or 32-40 mm polyester tapes. On the other hand, energy absorbers are made of polyamide tapes. Energy absorbers comply with the requirements of the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union (2016/425) and meet the specific requirements of the harmonized standard EN 355:2002. The equipment has the appropriate certification.