Safety lanyards

Safety lanyards are one of the basic elements of many personal protective equipment systems. Appropriately high material strength and flexible construction ensuring multifunctional use are the basic properties of safety lanyards. PROTEKT, a Polish manufacturer of personal protective equipment and systems, offers high quality, certified safety lanyards suitable for use in more demanding conditions.

Safety lanyards offered by PROTEKT


Safety lanyards offered on the website are made of polyester core ropes. In our offer you can find the following lanyards (in two color versions):


  • single - classic lanyard with two ends;
  • single adjustable - ended on one side with adjustable loop;
  • double - the lanyard ends with a double loop for snaps.


Furthermore, PROTEKT also offers heat resistant lanyards (single, single adjustable and double), designed with the use of special materials (aramid). They are not only approved for work in hazardous areas, but have also been tested for ignition. Thanks to this, the lanyard can be used in extremely hazardous conditions. All safety lanyards are available in different lengths (from 1.4m to 2m) and with or without different types of snap hooks.


Standards and certifications of safety lanyards


Each safety lanyard complies with the requirements of the EP and EU Council Regulation (2016/425) and meets EN 354:2010 and a number of other strength and safety standards. When it comes to heat resistant lanyards, EN 358:1999 P.4.1.5 standards are also met. Lanyards have the appropriate certification from the Central Institute for Labor Protection. Elements offered by PROTEKT are manufactured under special supervision, which ensures that users have access to products that meet rigorous safety requirements.