Confined descent kits

Work performed at heights doesn’t mean only construction or arborist work at impressive heights. It also involves work in manholes, sewer shafts, data communications or during rescue operations in hard-to-reach places. In order to facilitate this type of work and at the same time protect workers from falling, it's crucial to use confined descent kits that are available in the offer prepared by PROTEKT.

Confined descent kits offered by PROTEKT


As a market leader offering top quality equipment and systems that ensure work safety in the most demanding conditions, PROTEKT offers several types of confined descent kits that include:


  • depth work kits;


Each confined descent kit for depth work comes with special bags and pouches for easy transportation.


Confined descent kits and their safety standards


Regardless of the model, each confined descent kit offered by PROTEKT guarantees effective protection of workers weighing up to 140 kg. The equipment complies with the PN-EN 1496 standard. This means that our kits meet the requirements of rescue lifting equipment.