Work positioning lanyard

Performing work at heights, especially when talking about tree maintenance work, requires the use of appropriate work positioning lanyards to help properly stabilize and secure the work site. Work positioning lanyards must be adequately strong and meet the desired parameters, such as relative elongation or braid displacement. PROTEKT supplies high-quality products that meet the stringent EN 1891 standard.

Work positioning lanyards offered by PROTEKT


Work performed at heights requires the use of work positioning lanyards that have high durability and are resistant to damage. The offers sturdy work positioning lanyards made of polyamide and polyester, with a static strength of 22kN. They're available in two versions (12 and 13.5mm diameter). Thanks to it, they're also suitable for different values of MBS breaking strength (29.3 and 32.8kN, respectively). These lanyards can also be used with a set of splicing awls available in our offer.


Polyamide work positioning lanyards


The PROTEKT offer also includes additionally reinforced work positioning lanyards with a minimum static strength of 22kN. They're made of polyamide (core and braid). Four diameter versions are available with corresponding MBS breaking strength:


  • 10mm=29.1kN;
  • 10.5mm=29.8kN;
  • 11mm=30.6kN;
  • 12mm=32.1kN.


Work positioning lanyards are able to elongate by 3.3 to 3.9%. The lanyards are available in white and black colors.