In addition to personal protective systems, it's very often necessary to use rotating devices that help to pump air, gases, or steam to ensure an adequate level of safety in workshops, production halls, thermal power plants or even during construction works. In the PROTEKT offer you can find portable industrial fans that serve this purpose, along with additional accessories and attachments.

Mobile fans of different power


PROTEKT, as one of the leaders in the industry specializing in providing systems that ensure work safety, offers professional industrial fans that can be easily transported. The range includes mobile fans with different motor power: 185W / 245W /745W, and thus different air capacity, respectively: 1300 m3/h / 1450 m3/h / 3500 m3/h. 


Therefore, you can select the fans according to the actual parameters of the space where they need to be used. Mobile fans offered by PROTEKT require the use of additional accessories. In our range you can also find a ready-made ventilation kit with a hose with a diameter of 200mm. It's 4 and 7m long.

Accessories for mobile industrial fans


Regardless of the power of the chosen portable fan, it's necessary to equip it with the following accessories:


  • hoses - available in various diameters and lengths. There is also a hose in a set with a container convenient for carrying;
  • hose clamps and connectors for the fan with compatible diameters.