Harness for brushcutter

Using hand-held brush cutters powered by gas isn’t complicated, however, it requires a lot of physical strength. All because of the fact that machines are relatively heavy and the possibility of movement is rather limited. Mowing grass for several hours may cause pain in hands, arms and back. Fortunately, brush cutter harnesses are helpful accessories ready to bring relief to your back and make the work less demanding and exhausting.

Functional and convenient brush cutter harnesses


Just put brush cutter harnesses on over your head and fasten them at the level of your breastbone with a special buckle dedicated for this purpose. It’s a piece of cake. Before mounting the mower, it’s worth checking whether the harness is placed and fastened properly. Once you make sure that everything is in order, prepare the machine and start your work!


What harnesses for brush cutters do we offer?


Harnesses for brush cutters guarantee comfort of operation and prevent spine injuries. Fitting them properly makes it easier to select an appropriate body position and keep the right distance between the machine and operator. It also helps to distribute the load evenly. In our offer you can find two models - both of them are equipped with a hip belt and a protective thigh pad to ensure safe and comfortable work and freedom of movement in any situation. Our products are renowned for their high quality and reliability.


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