Anchor device

Proper protection of employees performing work at heights is a basic requirement of health and safety regulations. The devices that constitute personal protective equipment must meet appropriate safety standards that guarantee the desired protection against falls from heights. Anchor devices are key elements that protect workers. Now you can find them in the offer prepared by PROTEKT, a leading manufacturer of protective equipment of this type.

Anchor devices offered by PROTEKT


Regardless of the industry and the specific nature of the work performed at heights, workers must be equipped not only with tools that allow them to perform the assigned tasks, but also with equipment and systems that protect them from falling or minimize the risk of injuries. PROTEKT, as a leading manufacturer of such systems, provides durable and reliable anchor devices, such as firewall anchor points. This specific type of equipment makes it possible to secure two workers at the same time and has a special design. Thanks to it, the equipment can be mounted to sheet-finished firewalls.


Top quality of workmanship and safety standards


Anchor devices offered by PROTEKT are made of top quality materials. Thanks to proper design and the use of top-notch components, they provide the necessary level of protection of employees. The equipment is incredibly reliable which is evidenced by the relevant standards and quality certifications.