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Horizontal anchor lanyards and lines

Any type of work that requires constant movement horizontally requires the use of appropriate lanyards and lines, which are one of the elements of fall protection equipment. In the offer prepared by PROTEKT you can find a wide range of horizontal anchor lanyards and lines that ensure the right safety of work, even when it comes to tasks that are performed at heights.

Horizontal anchor lanyards and lines


Among the horizontal anchor lanyards and lines offered by PROTEKT you can find systems built from a steel tensioner (length adjuster) and a polyester working tape that is from 10 to even 30 meters. In the range of available options, you can also find webbing with grounding and various types of snaps, which make it possible to adapt the equipment to specific working needs. The equipment meets the EN 795:2012/B and CEN/TS 16415:2013/B requirements. It makes it possible to protect up to three people and can be safely used in conditions where there is a risk of explosion.


Horizontal anchor lines


PROTEKT offers specialized horizontal anchor lines which are personal protection equipment that protects employees who need to move horizontally. Depending on your needs, in our offer you can find polyester anchor lines that are 2.5-30 meters long (approved for work in explosion zones), or flame-resistant polyamide ropes whose length ranges from 5 to 20 meters.