Face shields and ear protectors

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a basic piece of equipment that ensures safety of employees working at height, but also in forestry or in the construction industry. Helmets, which protect the worker's head against falling objects, can be additionally equipped with special face shields made of polycarbonate or other materials, protecting the face and eyes against injuries. Face shields and ear protectors offered by PROTEKT, a Polish manufacturer of work safety equipment, are quality PPE elements that come in handy when performing the most demanding jobs.

Face shields for helmets offered by PROTEKT


Face shields available in the Protekt.uk store are advanced products, suitable for various types of works. In our offer you can find:


  • mesh face shield - the mesh made of polypropylene and stainless steel effectively protects the face against low energy particles such as branches and small stones workers may come across when performing arborist work (EN1731 standard);
  • polycarbonate face shield - solid polycarbonate visor with class 1 optical performance and protection against: medium energy particles (e.g. resistance to 6 mm spheres at 120 m/s); liquid splashes, hot metals and molten solids (EN166 standard).


Application of helmets with face shields


Face shields made of polycarbonate and other materials are high quality personal protective equipment elements which can be attached to both ATRA helmets and IHA ear protectors. The sets consist of shields shaped to protect the face from dangerous elements workers can be exposed to from different angles. Special hinges ensure convenient use, making it possible to lift the shields without removing them from the helmets.