Accessories and spare parts for industrial safety helmets

The main purpose of using helmets and industrial safety helmets is to protect the worker from falling objects. Therefore, these pieces of equipment must be very strong, durable and comfortable to wear. However, the helmet itself is not everything - this type of personal protective equipment includes numerous accessories which can serve as additional support ensuring work comfort. Moreover, there are spare parts for industrial helmets which can be easily replaced when worn out. PROTEKT offers access not only to specialized helmets, but also to a range of additional elements which increase safety and comfort of work.

Available accessories for industrial safety helmets


PROTEKT offers a wide range of supplementary products ideal for industrial helmets. They come in the form of additional accessories and spare parts. The most important elements from this product category include:


  • sweat bands for various models of helmets - effectively stop sweat from flowing into the eyes;
  • helmet harnesses (swivel or fixed) - for a solid and comfortable fit of the helmet to the head. It’s possible to adjust the size;
  • chin straps - for fitting the helmet to the chin;
  • clamp for mounting shields - facilitates the installation of additional shields, e.g. for eyes during work in dangerous conditions;
  • reflective stickers - placed on the equipment to increase the visibility of the employee in the working environment.


The quality and performance of industrial helmet accessories and spare parts


All the additional accessories for industrial helmets are made in a way that guarantees their comfort. Moreover, they can be quickly replaced in case of failure of the existing safety equipment. Offered products are made of durable materials that ensure long-lasting performance of the accessories.