Overalls with full body harness

Employees performing work at heights frequently have a wider range of responsibilities, which require full mobility. Such work necessitates the use of appropriate equipment that, on the one hand, can successfully protect against falls from heights, and, on the other hand, will provide basic protection for the worker during all activities at the workplace. Overalls with full body harnesses is equipment meeting all these requirements. Now you can find them in the offer prepared by PROTEKT.

Overalls with full body harnesses offered by PROTEKT


Overalls with full body harnesses should have the appropriate color adapted to the nature of the work performed. In the PROTEKT offer you will find models in the following shades:


  • bright orange with double reflective tapes below the knees, at waist level and on the sleeves, which increase visibility, even in the most difficult lighting conditions;
  • gray with contrasting red elements, used in areas exposed to dirt, such as work performed in sewer manholes.


Convenient M/L/XL sizing makes it possible to adjust the model to the body shape of employees.


Safety standards


Overalls with full body harnesses supplied by PROTEKT meet the EN 361:2002 standard. They are an element of fall protection equipment (the attachment buckles are located on the back and chest). In addition, the overalls are approved for work in explosive areas, further enhancing worker safety.