Workers performing work at heights are frequently exposed to unfavorable weather conditions. Therefore, in order to adequately increase the comfort of their work, while maintaining an appropriate level of safety during the activities performed, it's necessary to use specialized clothing such as Softshell high visible jackets which are an essential part of the work outfit. In the offer prepared by PROTEKT, you can find top quality jackets tailored to your needs.

Softshell jackets with safety harnesses


Softshells with safety harnesses offered by PROTEKT serve two roles. First, they're equipped with detachable safety harnesses that can be very easily stored away. Secondly, the compact weave of the softshell allows effective protection from wind and rain, while providing high vapor permeability, which increases the comfort of the work performed on the construction site in colder weather. Softshell jackets with safety harnesses from PROTEKT are available in bright yellow-green, red (with additional reflective tapes) and black colors.


Softshell jackets with safety harnesses - perfect for everyday use


Softshell jackets with safety harnesses available in the offer prepared by PROTEKT ensure high comfort. The jackets are zippered and come with a collar to protect the neck and chin. They're equipped with two side pockets and one chest pocket, also zippered. Thanks to the Velcro adjustable sleeve cuffs, these models are even more comfortable and practical. PROTEKT offers a wide size range (S/M/L/XL/XXL) that will allow everyone to find a model tailored to their needs and body type.