Protective vest

Ensuring proper visibility of workers is especially important when performing work in the field, on construction sites, in halls or simply in difficult lighting conditions. The same applies to employees in the arborist, construction, industrial or rescue sectors. Protective vests with reflective tapes are one of the basic ways to properly mark employees and improve their visibility. In the offer prepared by PROTEKT you can find a wide selection of reflective protective vests.

Reflective protective vests from PROTEKT


As a market leader providing work safety equipment and systems, PROTEKT offers a range of protective vests. You can choose models tailored to your actual needs and the specifics of your job. Our range includes:


  • lightweight protective vests with reflective tapes. They are supposed to be put on over other elements of workwear, these models are suitable for all seasons;
  • reflective vests for use with safety harnesses, additionally equipped with numerous pockets or buckles for attaching extra items.


Top quality workmanship of protective vests


Individual models of protective vests offered by PROTEKT differ mainly in cut and location of reflective tapes. However, all products in this category are characterized by:


  • convenient M-XL and XXL sizing;
  • wide color variety: mainly bright orange and yellow-green, but other shades are also available;
  • quality materials such as polyester, polyester with cotton, or acrylic (allowing work in hazardous areas).